• What is TAG Investments and what are the services TAG Investments provides? +

    Mr. Anuj Gupta is the Founder of TAG Investments who started the financial services business handling corporate clients and caters to retail clients financial needs for more than a decade now.

    Vision: To be the most preferred financial services company and to create an addictive environment for financial well being around us.

    Mission: To provide financial services with utmost clarity to our clients to enable them to plan, execute and achieve their desired financial goals.

    At TAG Investments, we provide financial services including insurance, investments, equity broking, taxation and advisory services. 

    We are a financial products distribution firm having access to multiple financial products like mutual funds, direct equity, exchange traded funds, model funds, derivatives, fixed income products.

    We provide taxation services like tax planning, income tax filing and all the company related compliances.

  • Why TAG Investments ? +

    TAG Investments has been in the financial services domain for more than 15 years with over 1100+ clients across 40+ cities and 10+ countries. We have a rich experience of managing the client expectations and aligning their need to the best financial products available in the market without the client having to spend time and resources in choosing the right financial products.

    Right from the planning stage to allocation stage, we handhold the investor in terms of execution in the diversified financial products, portfolio rebalancing and asset allocation. 

    We have the perfect combination of digital + physical presence with unmatched technology and processes in the financial services industry along with personalised & customised services to understand the client's risk profile, investment time horizon, cash flow needs and helping the client in day-to-day execution practices. 

  • Who are the clients of TAG Investments ? +

    We deal with corporate as well as individual clients. 

    Few of the investors from MNC & Corporate world include Bank Of America, Wipro, Yamaha, AON Hewitt, TCS, Hindustan Unilever, Ernst & Young, Dell to name a few.

    Retail clients include doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants,architects, business owners, service professionals, army officers, retired. 

  • What are the packages TAG Investments have to offer?  +

    We offer 3 packages namely 2X, 5X and 10X

  • Is there any starter package? +

    In case you are interested but you are not sure which package to choose, you can start with a Basic Package

  • What are the investment returns TAG Investments provide ? +

    There are no investment funds directly taken in TAG Investments account, hence there is no returns which we provide. 

    However, we help you invest in various financial products like mutual funds, direct equity, ETFs, model funds, derivatives, gold bonds etc with which the client can generate good returns over a period of time (details attached). In our experience we have observed investors with a well-diversified portfolio with timely rebalancing and having a proper asset allocation generate extra returns than the market. That is exactly at TAG Investments we help you achieve.

  • How to get started with TAG Investments ? +

    To get started with TAG Investments, you need to complete the KYC process by filling the below form. 


  • Are there any charges to associate with TAG Investments ? +

    We do not charge the investor directly for any of the investment solutions. However a fee is charged for the tax, consultancy and audit services.

  • What are the charges for the demat account ?  +

    The account opening is free of cost. Standard transaction charges are applicable.

    Segment / Transaction Fee
    Account Opening Charges 0
    Annual Maintenance Charges*
    *Life time plan@1000 INR is also available for a limited time for Motilal Oswal
    INR 200 + GST for Motilal Oswal
    (from 2nd year onwards)
    INR 300 + GST for Nj India
    Demat Transaction Charges - (Sell only) INR 40
    Equity Delivery 0.5% (both side)
    Equity Intraday 0.05% (both side)
    Equity Futures 0.05% (both side)
    Equity Options Rs 100 per lot (both side)
    Currency Futures Rs 20 per lot (both side)
    Currency Options Rs 20 per lot (both side)
    Commodity Futures 0.05% (both side)


  • Which demat account services are provided ? +

    TAG Investments is a business partner with Nj India Invest Pvt Ltd and Motilal Oswal Financial Service Limited. Depending on the requirement, the investor can consume services from both the platforms.

  • What if the client already has a demat account ? +

    A client can hold multiple demat account(s) in his/her name. The client will have to activate the demat account via TAG Investments in Motilal Oswal / Nj India to get the benefits of the services we provide. In case you already have a demat account with Motilal Oswal and Nj India, then you can either get the account transferred to us or activate a new account in one of your family member's name.

  • What are the next steps to start the investment process ? +

    1. KYC Process 

    Once the kyc process is complete, your demat account is activated with Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd / Nj India Invest Pvt Ltd

    2. Transfer of Funds

    Kindly transfer funds by logging into the account (credentials will be provided upon activation of demat account) via netbanking, UPI. You may issue a cheque as well to transfer the funds. 

    3. Diversify the funds into various financial products. 

  • Want to know more about Anuj Gupta and TAG Investments ? +

    We are active on social media and you can follow us on our website and social media profiles

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