Welcome to 2020.

But are you certain it is filled with opportunities? Who said there is a guaranteed possibility to succeed?

We live in a world where one has to participate in the heats of survival before running the final race to success. In this rat race, there are a few dreamers, aspirers who have the answer to the above questions.

India has a lot of opportunities, but we tend to surround ourselves with so much negativity that we forget that positive things exist. In this scenario, if your conscious is clear and your conviction towards your business is high you will succeed. It is time to ACT BIG.

2020 is a year where no one can improve your life or damage it. It is YOU who has the sole control. The ‘Power of Association’ is what one should seek and work on. You are your own competition.

2020 is all about challenging yourself and testing your boundaries. It is the test of not whether you can plunge into the depths, rather about your insight, awareness and the skill to measure the depth and then make a decision of the plunge based on calculated risks.

2020 is the beginning of an era. An era where technology, market, consumers, providers, logistics will all have created a niche for themselves, coexisting in a state of commotion. This is where we miss the subtle nuance of chaotic chance. A well-read person will have the ability to take advantage of this mayhem and turn it into a sellable proposition.

2020 is a decade of reaping fruits of the optimistic vision with which hard work and efforts were put in.

2020 is a fight for the survival of the fittest. The ones who are not deterred by the fluctuations of their surroundings and continue to overcome every huddle and obstacle with tactic and technique.

For us every year is a year of wealth creation. The only thing that keeps changing is our approach. We adapt and evolve our technique, strategy, inferential methods and design concepts based on relevance rather than need.

‘Market kya lagta? Is the wrong question to ask. ‘Market main asset allocation kaisa karna chahiye? Is what everyone should ask. This year about celebrating your investing pattern with two words- Suraksha + Sumridhi.

Gear up for an exciting year and get ready to have some fun in the market.